The Auction House Mercatino del Gioiello di Santori Giuseppina is located in Italy, in Ascoli Piceno, in the Marche region.

The owner of the Mercatino del Gioiello company started 30 years ago, out of passion, giving life to a business that deals with new jewelry, regenerated jewelry and vintage jewelry, in gold and silver, her own and others.

The variety and beauty of the pieces recovered gave rise to the idea of opening the Auction House.

Thanks also to its activity as a Gold Buyer, La Casa d’Aste Mercatino del Gioiello manages to find unique and unobtainable pieces for its customers.

The Auction House also sells antique objects found and selected with particular attention by the owner, a passionate admirer of Italian traditions and artistic beauties.

The owner herself also designs furnishing objects, consisting in the assembly of ancient and modern elements, united in an original and unique combination.

The Auction House Mercatino del Gioiello also sells antique and contemporary paintings, furnishing accessories and various ancient and modern objects.

We invite you to follow us in our future auctions, because we are organizing varied and variegated types of auctions. We will arouse your interest and capture your attention!

For more information about us and our products, please visit our online store: www.mercatinodelgioiello.it


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tel. Fixed 0736 656210
tel. Cell 3516809552
Viale Benedetto Croce n. 48
63100 – Ascoli Piceno

website: www.mercatinodelgioiello.it
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