Lotto 26:

Set: 800/1000 silver tray, n. 6 goblet glasses in 800/1000 silver, glass bottle with silver bath, Italy, mid-20th century

L'asta comincerà tra __ giorni e __ ore

Prezzo base: €1,200

Prezzo stimato: €2 200 - €2 800

IVA: Solo su commissione

Beautiful set consisting of:

– Large oval tray in 800/1000 silver, dating back to the early decades of the second half of the 1900s, made in Italy. Simple, linear and elegant classic model. Condition: like new.

– Six (6) goblet glasses, in 800/1000 silver dating back to the mid-20th century. One glass has a small dent, highlighted by the photo. Condition: excellent.

– One (1) blue glass liqueur bottle with silver bath, dating from the mid 20th century. The bottle shows signs of wear and age that make it fascinating. Overall, the conditions are very good.

Dimensions: TRAY: Size 46 x 31cm – Weight 1072 gr GLASSES: Height 15 cm – Diameter of the base 5.7 cm – Diameter of the mouth 6 cm – Weight of single glass 58 gr. – BOTTLE: height from the ground including cap 37.5 cm – belly diameter 11 cm approximately – weight 470 gr.