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FRANCESCO PERILLI (Nereto, 1949), Italy

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Francesco Perilli is an Italian painter and sculptor who lives and works in Nereto in the province of Teramo.
The most famous work of Francesco Perilli is the monumental symbol of multiculturalism. It is a bronze sculpture that portrays a human figure in a sphere, with eight meridians pulled upwards by doves. Doves and man are represented in the effort to unite the sphere. The goal of this project is to ideally unite the continents of the world under the sign of multiculturalism. To date, the sculpture has been installed in Toronto in Canada, in Los Angeles in California, in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Changchun in China and in Buffalo City in South Africa.
2/3 Monotype varnish, painting made with mixed technique on a tempera base, dating back to 1993. It comes from a private collection. Good state of conservation.
Dimensions: work 60 x 40 cm – frame 77 x 56 cm