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GIACINTO PUJIA, (Rijeka 1926), "Winter landscape"

L'asta comincerà tra __ giorni e __ ore

Prezzo base: €70

Prezzo stimato: €150 - €200

IVA: Solo su commissione

Giacinto Pujia is a painter who has always shown, in his style, a marked naive attitude. He has his own awareness that leads him to elaborate a well-determined aesthetic language, differentiating it from amateurism. In his many travels he has delved into Slavic culture.
The desire to seek infantilism in representation is evident in order to connote the work of art with primordial values of purity and innocence.
“Winter landscape”. Oil on canvas that describes in a typically naive style a countryside landscape, covered with snow, on a winter day when the storm is about to be overcome by a calm that calms the sky and the environment.
Painting in excellent condition dating back to the late 1900s.
Dimensions: canvas 33 x 43 cm – frame 61 x 71 cm